School Portrait Day

Before you sign your next contract, please allow Cripps Photography the opportunity to present our school photography program to you in person.

The Cripps Photography pre-planning process pays off by:

  •       Keeps you organized
  •       Keeps you on schedule
  •       And, it makes the day of school portrait day super-fast and smooth

We guarantee your satisfaction!

  • Fall Portraits: Traditional Portraits with multiple background choices
  • Spring Portraits: Casual • Fun • Bright
  • Senior Portraits: Cap & Gown • Drape • Tux • Casual •
  • Preschool Portraits: First photos of the first years and Preschool Graduation Portraits (Cap & Gown)
  • Group Photography: Panoramic prints & traditional classroom groups and composites
  • Event Photography: Sports, Dances, or any event that is important to you! 

We guarantee that we can provide you with a higher quality product, higher customer service satisfaction and consistent and higher commission checks.

Friendly, Experienced, and impeccably trained photography staff to assure that your School Portrait day is organized, efficient and hassle free


League Sports Clients (Team and Individual Portraits)

The most organized Portrait Day you will ever experience

If Cripps Photography isn’t your current portrait day partner- read on to see why you should switch and partner with us!

With up to 3 Photographers, in one or multiple locations, we can easily photograph your league in a single day! Cripps Photography travels all over the northeastern Nevada region and even into Idaho and Utah for our clients!

When it comes to Team and Individual Portraits, Cripps Photography delivers only the best. We have a reputation of providing quality service and products to our clients with a professional courteous staff and competitive pricing.

We have strategically partnered with like-minded vendors that help us provide our valued clients with fresh products and new designs every year.  AND we make it easy for our leagues to generate money annually for their participants and equipment needs!

With nearly 30 years of combined experience in the Team and Individual Sports Portrait Industry, you can trust Cripps Photography to provide you top quality, and a seamless experience on portrait day.




Mail to Home Program – Cripps Photography offers a FREE mail-to-home program that any League client may opt-into. This program completely eliminates the problems that go along with you handing out the photos – they won’t get lost on the way home or forgotten after practice or games.

Quick Turnaround Time – Cripps Photography knows that everyone wants his or her photos as soon a possible. Moms wear the photo buttons to the games, kids exchange portraits and sponsors display their plaques during the season- that’s why Cripps Photography offers a 2-3 week fulfillment time for most Leagues (mail-to-home is 3-4 weeks fulfillment due to USPS processing).

Custom Composite Products – Cripps Photography can customize any of our products with a league logo, color scheme or one of a kind design.  Additionally, for competitive and travel league teams we offer fun Digital Custom Composites that are never alike. 


To learn more about how Cripps Photography can change your League’s Portrait Day experience, call 775-777-3686 and ask for Hope or Jen