Romero Family of 3
Friday, March 09, 2018
By Hope V. Cripps
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I am so late writing this post- but sweet baby Milena made her appearance in early January- and boy did she make an entrance to the world!  She gave her momma a little trouble and was approximately 1-week late and had a couple other challenges to face, but all is well and she got some extra time to bond with her daddy.  I got to watch via Snapchat and see how loved and adored she was from the very beginning- so heart warming.  Maria is basically my hero for having such a positive attitude and such patience waiting for Milena to decide it was time to arrive -  I always feel for my momma's who have late entrance babies, after 40 weeks of pregnancy, the LAST thing you want to do is have another few days much less a full week or more.

Milena is an absolutely stunning baby girl, just like her parents, and was mostly wide-awake during our newborn session together.  She just wanted to see what was going on and what I was up to while I wrapped her up.  And nearly every time she heard her daddy's voice she would open her eyes and look around for him!

We stayed true to Maria's classic style and kept our color choices mostly neutral tones- we did have to throw some deep plum in there because Milena's skin tone is just gorgeous with it and we of course couldn't leave out the family business (BEST TACO TRUCK/CATERING EVER!).  

Yesterday while placing their order, Pedro was trying to come up with a new slogan to use with this sweet image of Milena and his hat- feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions below- he has a pretty darn good one on the brain already, but I am sure he and Maria would appreciate the creativity of their patrons too. :)

Thanks again to Pedro, Maria and Milena- you three are an absolute pleasure to have in the studio!


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