Maikis Newborn
Saturday, May 12, 2018
By Hope V. Cripps
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I got to meet Troy and Katie on a Monday afternoon while I was working "unofficially" in the studio (I often do that in a baseball cap and jeans so I am so grateful they forgave my look messy look!).  During our consultation I learned about how close they were to having little Xander, but that they actually didn't know whether baby was a boy or a girl- how FUN!  I was immediately on board and thrilled that they chose me as their Newborn photographer!

Fast forward just a couple short weeks and Troy, Katie and Xander made their way into the studio on another Monday afternoon in early April.  During our consultation Troy, Katie and I discussed the unique ideas and items they wanted to incorporate into their portriats- and boy they didn't disappoint!  I love it when clients bring me items that I've never used before for newborn portraits.  My favorite was a box of evergreen branches from their Christmas tree that year that actually dried this beautiful green color- no brown for them- all deep, gorgeous greens- that ended up being my most favorite series of shots from their session.

Thanks again for choosing me Troy and Katie and welcome to the world baby Alexander (Xander)!


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