DeLorenzo Family
Monday, March 12, 2018
By Hope V. Cripps
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Ok you guys- have I got the SWEETEST story for you this week!

Meet the DeLorenzo family- Stormi, Pat, Kallie and their newest addition Kaden!  Stormi and Pat have been trying to grow their family for 10 years.  Yes you read that correctly!  And this sweet little miracle Kaden could not be a more perfect addition for them.  One of our staff Photographers got to photograph Kaden in the hospital here- yes we do that too and its SO much fun- so I didn't get to meet him until the family came to the studio to pick out their favorite images from the hospital.  It was then that I learned about the decade long journey to have little man, so I of course asked Stormi about an updated family portrait being in their future.  

Fast forward to later that month and the day of their family portrait session and Stormi walks in with the worlds cutest little crochet football gear and a signed football and says "I was hoping we could capture him asleep with this because we did something to incorporate this football when we had Kallie 10 years ago" (My heart just melted all over again)...

Now, if you've ever been here for a Newborn session you know a couple things:

  • It is HOT (for adults) in the studio area
  • Mom gets a list of instructions that she must follow prior to the session in order to help us be successful in achieving complex posing like head in hands
  • My hair is up and I am wearing layers because it is HOT in the studio!

You guys... NONE of these things happened- but here at Cripps Photography we go above and beyond for our clients, so I absolutely said to Stormi "Let's make it happen!"

After a bit of coaxing, cuddles from mom, and butt patting on repeat from me- precious little Kaden cooperated like a seasoned pro (pun intended!) and we got these darn cute images of him just like mom wanted.

Thanks to the DeLorenzo family for this amazing experience and for placing your trust in Cripps Photography to capture timeless images of your new family of 4!

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Janice Deleon - I am Pats mom. I love the pictures of my grandkids. And I hope I get one. Thank you so much. They are finally a complete family. I am so proud of them. We have an amazing God.